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Destination Wedding in Colorado

When I planned my recent trip to Colorado, I was thankful that I had lived out there a few years back.  After having been in New York for the last 9 years, I knew that 11,000 feet is really no joke!  Planning for my clients, I headed out a week early in order to acclimate before the wedding day.

What a wise decision it was, and one that I am sure the bride and groom will appreciate when they see their wedding images, since I was fresh and fully charged on their wedding day. On a side note, the band also flew in from the Hudson Valley in NY, and I cannot imagine having less than 24 hours to acclimate needing your lungs to work at that altitude while singing.  They certainly sounded great, but I imagine they were hurting.

Since I had a bit of time on my hands, I was also able to use the trip to see some old friends and go to some of my favorite spots like Mount Evans and Breckenridge.  I was amazed by the damage from the Pine Beetles, as I have not been out there since all of that invasive devastation has left many of my old photo locations in disrepair, to say the least.

My dear friends, and pat wedding clients, spent a few days with me, and I was able to photograph their family the day after the wedding that brought me out there.  I love their family photos, but I was also lucky enough to be  able to take the two of them out for a portrait shoot on my last day in town.  This was special to me, as it isn’t often that I get to photograph close friends in their environment when they live out of state.  I was also glad to be able to share my current artistic vision with them as things are just a bit different now as compared to how I was shooting back in 2002, to say the least.

Here is one of my favorites from that shoot, because it not only shows them, but it also shows the Colorado that I still love.  It captures their relationship as those closest to them know it to be.  Sure, it looks all lovey-dovey and dreamy, but that is really them.

Thank you both for taking me in with open arms, and for remaining best of friends 12 years after your wedding.  Here’s to many more opportunities for our families to spend time and make memories together.


The Perfect Grovedale Winery Wedding

When Ed and Jennifer contacted me about photographing their wedding in Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, my first reaction was “Wait, there is a winery in Wyalusing?”  I grew up in the area, but apparently don’t make it through Wyalusing very often.  I had missed the fact that Grovedale Winery has had vineyards on the Welles Homestead since 2005 even though I have been to the high school across the street a few times since then.  How I missed such an incredible place just amazes me.

Grovedale Winery is one incredible expanse of fields and vineyards with some of the most gorgeous buildings that I have ever seen.  Just when I thought that I had seen it all, a short walk across a field led to a mammoth oak tree that is reminiscent of the “Tree of Knowledge.”

I cannot wait to blog the entire wedding from this unique Susquehanna Valley wedding, but for now, these images will give you a sneak peak of the magic that happened this weekend when Ed and Jennifer tied the knot at Grovedale Winery.

A chicken coop with blue skies surround a newly married bride and groom.
A bride and groom stand in a field next to a majestic oak tree.
A black cat walks in the aisle as the bride and groom make their exit after their first kiss.

Hoboken Sunrise Engagement Session

Sunrise is one of the most beautiful times of the day.  Along with that beauty, comes the fact that not many humans are up and active at that time of day.  As a result, this provides quite the opportunity for images to be taken that simply look different, especially when they are taken in places that are common locations for photography sessions.

Megan and Steve are normally early risers, so a sunrise engagement session in their hometown of Hoboken simply made sense.  They chose the area around Pier A and the Transit Terminal and I was all in, as it gave me a perfect excuse to watch the sun rise behind the Manhattan skyline from across the Hudson River.

Congratulations to the two of you, and I will be looking forward to your fall wedding at Indian Ridge.

A couple embraces in the Hoboken Transit Terminal during an engagement session.
Sunrise view of the Freedom Tower in lower Manhattan as seen from Hoboken, NJ.
Silhouette of a couple against an orange sunrise with the Manhattan skyline in the background.
A couple spinning in silhouette against the NYC skyline.
A couple embracing under a tree with the Empire State Building in the background.
Black and white image of a couple embracing with a lot of negative space in the image.
A couple looks at the camera during an engagement session in NJ.

Mysteryland at Bethel Woods!

Mysteryland came to the USA for the first time over Memorial Day Weekend in 2014, and I was fortunate enough to be there to cover the festivities.  Below are a few of my favorite images from the weekend.

Not being a fan of EDM, I am proud to say that I am completely blown away by the entire experience.  Seeing Moby, Kaskade and Steve Aoki do their thing – live – in front of 20,000 people was an absolutely amazing experience.  Seeing the lighting techs do their thing in sync with artists that were creating new mixes on the fly was simply mind-blowing.  The combination of the two, auditory and visual stimulation, just can’t be described in words.  I can’t say I am an EDM convert, but I can say that this was hands down one of the most incredible musical experiences I have ever had.

Kudos to Mysteryland and Bethel Woods for pulling off an amazing festival at the hollowed 1969 Woodstock Festival site.  Thank you both for taking me along for the ride!

Aerial view of sunset over Mysteryland USA.
Man in a police hat having fun at Mysteryland.
Original Woodstock Festival field lined with dozens of gigantic flags at Mysteryland USA.
Festival particpants dressed in Day of the Dead paint and a sunset image of festival participants
Kaskade being interviewed and Moby doing a question and answer session at Mysteryland.
Daytime aerial view of Mysteryland festival at the original Woodstock Site.
The Mysteryland Festival site as sunset approaches.
Closeup of the main stage at Mysteryland as the sun sets behind the crowd.
Steve Aoki sprays the crowd with champagne as smoke comes out of the jets near the stage at Mysteryland.
Night view of the main stage at Mysteryland.
Night view of the main stage at Mysteryland.
Night view of the main stage at Mysteryland.


Holly Pond - These are really wonderful Kevin!! You’ve gotten really good! I’m a fan.

Landscapes in the Catskills

Although I am known as a wedding photographer in the Catskills, I do shoot plenty of other things when I am not busy with weddings.  Recently, I took a trip to Long Island to photograph the Montauk Light as well as the Fire Island Light.

My fascination with the quality of light at sunrise and sunset has led me to some incredible locations, and will continue to do so.  Certainly, some of the locations will be used for future images with a Bride and Groom.  However, some of the images have the ability to stand on their own as fine art pieces, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Thank you all for your continued support through following me, through your kind words of encouragement,  and through continuing to send me referrals.  It is all greatly appreciated.

In return, I will continue to up the ante as best as I can with both my wedding photography as well as the landscape photography!

Barn and farmhouse at sunset.
Bare tree with an orange-pink sunset behind it.
Distant farmhouse and barn with a silo with a wide open orange sunset behind it.
Silhouette of a barn and silo with an orange and blue sunset behind it.

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